If you were designing the bar exam from the ground up, how would you begin? Would you try to determine what type of questions to ask, how many questions the exam should include, how hard the questions should be? These are all important topics to consider. But you wouldn’t be able to get far without answering more fundamental questions, including what exactly the bar exam should be testing, and why—in other words, what do youContinue Reading
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We closed our last blog post by inviting readers to join a conversation about some of the fundamental questions that will guide the work of the Testing Task Force—questions about what the legal profession looks like today, what it’s likely to look like in the future, and how to best ensure that those entering the profession are ready for the work that lies ahead of them. This is a conversation taking place across the countryContinue Reading



What does it mean to launch a comprehensive, future-focused study of the bar exam? For the Testing Task Force, it means—among other things—taking the time to consider some fundamental questions as we begin our work. What, at minimum, do new lawyers need to know and be able to do to be considered competent to enter the profession? And which of those things are appropriate to test on a professional licensing examination? We are committed toContinue Reading
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